Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am not a car guy. At all. So, when my gear shifter's knob thingy came loose and started wobbling, I did nothing. It rattled annoyingly for a couple of years...until I loaned my truck to some friends who were moving furniture.

When the truck was returned, I got in, and people--mine eyes witnessed the most glorious sight, which for some reason I feel compelled to share with you.

Silver snake head, piercing, menacing, red ruby eyes. I don't know why I love this ridiculous thing. But love it I do.

First--it's a snake. My name's Jake. You do the math.
Second--the rattling's gone. I had no idea how much I hated it until it ended.
Third--the rings I wear on my right hand make very cool music on the silver serpent's gleaming head.

Really though, I don't know why I like this thing so much. I just don't. But when my brother and his family visited us in our new home, I took him to the garage to show him my new snake head gear shifter knob before I even took him on a tour of the house.

That says something. Probably something I should keep to myself, but hey--I gotta do what the snake commands.

Thanks, D & M.

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Feitz Rodmett said...

That gear shifter is sssssssweet! What would have been really sweet, is if you could have replaced the gear shifter that made the "rattling" sound, while keeping the "rattling" sound...would have been a nice ironic match!

Is that irony?