Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I got your "traditional" marriage right here!

I had no plans today to blog about gay marriage again, but I came across this column in my newspaper.

Full disclosure: I vetted this like McCain vets a Veep. (Oh, snap!)
But hey--what can I say? I'm mavericky that way.

Anyhoo. It appeared in The Kansas City Star, which is just mainstream liberal media elite enough for an irredeemable "socialist" like me to buy into.

Even if it's only half true, I'm pretty sure it torpedoes the traditional marriage argument.

'Course, what do I know? I've recently been informed by several letters to the editor that my carefully considered vote was, in fact, manipulated and engineered by the very same liberal elite media I found this column in.

Anyway--here you go. Take a click at a brief
history of marriage.

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